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Three sentence movie reviews to keep it simple.  I have a decade of reviews so feel free to search for a review of a movie you are yet to see from the past.  Enjoy! 2022 Movie Review, "The Batman"... Batman gets twilighted by a weird, sleepy Patterson. A rein visioning of the Batman saga with slow convoluted storylines, great music and special effects. I give it a five out of ten for an interesting Batmobile that can't catch Chevy Impala and BDSM bad guy. Movie review "Scream etc"... Imagine a poor remake of a not so good horror film giving has been actors a pay check. I knew who the killer was within the first five minutes, it was telegraphed so bad. I give it a two out of ten for being a bad murder porn that committed suicide, along with saying the "F" word at least 300 times. Movie review "Spiderman No Way Home"... Three exceptionally dumb seventeen year olds attempt to destroy the world by saving villains. I think it was written and direc