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Three sentence movie reviews to keep it simple.  I have a decade of reviews so feel free to search for a review of a movie you are yet to see from the past.  Enjoy! 2021   Movie review "A Quiet Place 2"... A better than the last one but still not that great. You finally get a choppy back story on how the aliens got here and some good gotchas from people that simply do not know how to be quiet. I give it a seven out of ten for the fifteen year old boy who can scream like a girl.   Movie review "Cruella"... Absolutely the best movie of 2021 worthy of many Oscars! Great back story of Cruella with so many twists and turns and fantastic outfits. I give this one a twelve out of ten for the most famous line, "Revenge, avenge, and destroy"... Movie review "Mortal-Kombat" It was mortal kombat that kept me in my seat for the first thirty minutes till I walked out. Yet another predictable Disney gameboy cookie cutter, in which you see the ending a mile a